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Dozen Eyes was founded in spring of 2013 when the duo first prototyped their puzzle game, Crystallon, for the Indiecade PlayStation game jam. It was selected as a semi-finalist by PlayStation and was exhibited at GDC and E3 on the PS Vita in the PlayStation booth. It releases in spring of 2015.

Choosing My Way

In December of 2014, they released their first title, Choosing My Way with the US State Department in conjunction with the Center for Applied Linguistics. This game helps political refugees adjust to their new lives in the United States. Players decide how to respond to opportunities and challenges after resettlement. They prioritize goals, collect resources, and react to situations they will likely face in their new home country.

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Many Faces at the New York Historical Society

Also during 2014, they worked with the New York Historical Society on their exhibit, Many Faces, which educates gallery goers to the history of Chinese Americans. They developed four interactive pieces, the most elaborate of which is the Many Faces entry exhibit. It allows viewers to add themselves to the show’s database online and they are displayed in animated data visualization alongside historical Chinese Americans of note.

Add yourself here if you are Chinese American to participate in the exhibit.

Photo credits: Emi Spicer

Silicone City at the New York Historial Society

About the Founders

Phoenix Perry

Principal Creative Director

As an advocate and public figure, Phoenix works to bring about gender equality in games. As the Code Liberation Foundation founder, she teaches women to program games for free. She has spoken globally on the issues of gender and diversity in games. Her projects focus on embodiment and physical spaces. Currently, she is a Harvestworks Fellow. Her new interactive ecology fuses play and interface design to invoke interconnectivity between players. Her design work has won some of the highest honors awarded in the field on interactive adverting. Past clients include R/GA, Profero, Grey, Organic, Tribal and RAPP. For the last 3 years she has been an adjunct professor at NYU. Currently, she is a Sr. Lecturer at HKU in Games and Interaction Design. Her other releases include Yamove, Nightmare Kitty and Picky Sticky Pollen.

Selected Press

Game on: Self-confessed ‘lunatic extraordinaire’ Phoenix Perry and Cindy Gallop discuss how brands can unlock The New Creativity
Code Liberation Foundation Working to Fix Sexism in Games

Ben Johnson

Principal Game Director

Ben has worked professionally as a game developer since 2004 at studios including Electronic Arts, THQ and Gameloft. After moving from San Francisco to New York in 2009, he became an organizer for the game arts collective Babycastles, which reinvented the arcade and bridged New York's thriving art and music scenes with its growing game scene. His significant contributions to major console games such as The Simpsons Game and Dead Space have been enjoyed by millions of players, while his independent work has been featured at museums, festivals, and in one case, a Wu-Tang concert. Ben holds a Masters of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie-Mellon University.

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